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Prepare thoroughly for your adventures with andrewbarrascoaching.co.uk.


We are a small flexible business that provides First Aid courses, Incident Management courses, and a range of paddling experiences and British Canoeing Awards so that you have the best of times in the water.


First AidFirst Aid Courses
We provide top quality, Aquatic First Aid courses, certified by British Canoeing. The training will provide you with the understanding and skills that will be necessary to react appropriately to an emergency incident.
UK WatersIncident Management
We'll take you onto the sea, and push your limits. We'll get you developing strategies, working as a team and revising skills so that you're better prepared for your next adventure.

Whether you want to work towards a British Canoeing award or explore the UK coastline, andrewbarrascouching.co.uk has a range of courses and opportunities to excite.




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